About Us

This is a new project to help diabetic pump users.  My son has had a pump since 2009.  We investigated various ways to keep it safe while continuing his active life style.  Trampolining was a huge hurdle, with it frequently being catapulted out of his pocket.  This design keeps the tubing neatly against his body (so the cat doesn't bite through it).  At night time there is no hunting through the bed covers to find the pump for adjustments.  The vests are professionally made, 100% cotton and tested on an active 10 year old.  The pockets are large enough to incorporate a mobile phone or ipod.  With fastening on the front and inside pocket, there is little chance of them falling out.

Alternatively check out http://www.funkypumpers.com 

Please check out http://www.wowbands.co.uk for diabetic wrist bands and dog tags.


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